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Cancervive is an annual cycling event in support of Wellspring Alberta, a registered charity offering free programs and services for people living with cancer – including those diagnosed, caregivers, and kids.

Values such as caring, compassion, strength and support are at the very core of the brand. The brand position of "together" was created and became the prominent identifier. The visual dynamic of the brand was created to appeal to all age groups, cancer does not discriminate.

The event needed to grow to ensure its longevity. Impello developed a marketing and social media strategy, including a editorial calendar, critical path, content planning, writing and design for social media posts and created a competitive analysis. This led to re-designing the logo, design and development of the website and other marketing initiatives.

As a result there was an average increase of over 239.3% Social Media page and profile visits which led to 1200 website visits. There was also an increase in event participation by over 200%, increased sponsorship by over 440%, and exceeded fundraising amounts by over 144%.


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